Company Profile

        The Japanese Yamakawa Group has been involved in the manufacturing of refined rice for over several decades. The group's 山川訓央, through introductions by his friends in 1996,became acquainted with former Director of Anxi Processing Center 小林美夫, who has over 20 years of experience in the manufacturing of color sorters. After several discussions, they discovered that they shared similar views on how to mprove the quality and management concepts of rice products. Therefore, the same year, they established Active KT Co., Ltd., which specialized in the processing and sales of color sorters manufactured by 山川訓央 and Yamatec Japan Co., Ltd. Yamatec Japan set up its Taiwan office in 1998 and Taiwan branch office in January of 2001. The office is chiefly responsible for overseas marketing.
Taiwan Yamakawa's Management Philosophy

        Taiwan Yamakawa Technology Co., Ltd. will adopt the Japanese business culture with a marketing orientation that puts customers as the highest priority. Therefore, all business activities of the company are dedicated to the exploration and analysis of customer needs - until the ultimate satisfaction of such needs. Our overall result is focused on the optimal element combination of high product quality and output efficiency ratio. As a result, Taiwan Ymamkawa's ultimate sense of value is not only a concern for practicality of products, but also the success and failure of customer benefits. Therefore, sustained management is our sense of mission.
Taiwan Yamakawa Organization

        The company's structure (please refer to the figure below) illustrates the company's functionality by region. In an effort to achieve the most effective structure through division of authorities, fully develop the related businesses in each region and ensure the finest harmonization abilities in various business activities, the organization's activities are spread through various regions under the principle of function specialization. Each region would then engage in job-sharing manufacture through function specialization - like Japan headquarters' manufacturing and R&D, and Taiwan's marketing and customer services.

Yamatec Group has been the leading rice manufacturer in Japan's Kyushu for several decades. The rice produced by Yamatec Foods not only satisfies the vast consumer base across Japan, but also provides high quality raw materials for Japan's famous breweries and rice factories. Yamatec's color sorters are sold around the world because of their superior techniques, good quality and strong recommendation by the industry.

Director 山川訓央
Present positions: 
	Director, Yamatec Foods
	Board member, Yamatec Technology
	Board member, Active KT
	Chairman, Taiwan Yamakawa


Director 小林美夫
Former position:
	Director, Anxi Processing Center
Present position:
 	Director, Active KT
	Board member, Yamatec Technology
	President, Taiwan Yamakawa


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